PureML supports a wide range of policies that can be used to evaluate and improve the trustworthiness of AI systems. These policies are designed to cover a wide range of domains, including hiring, insurance, and general AI. Each policy is designed to be easily understood and implemented by AI developers and organizations.

Supported Policies

Below is a list of policies supported by PureML, categorized by their domains.

EU AI Act for High RiskGeneralEU AI Act readiness for High Risk Applications.
NYC Local Law 144HiringEqual hiring policy for New York.
AI NIST RMFGeneralBenchmark for National Institute of Standards and Technology Advancements across diverse industries.
EEOC Technical AssistanceHiringEqual Employment Opportunity Commission.
Colorado SB21-169InsurancePreventing unfair discrimination in insurance practices.
PureML ControlsTrustDefault controls for Large Language Models (LLMs).
ISO 42001TrustISO 42001 Standard
PureML recommended policy for GenAIGenAIPureML recommended policy for Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI).
PureML recommended policy for HallucinationGenAIPureML recommended policy for Hallucination in AI systems.
PureML recommended policy for BiasGenAIPureML recommended policy for Bias mitigation in AI systems.
PureML recommended policy for ToxicityGenAIPureML recommended policy for Toxicity management in AI systems.